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Owner, Master Stylist


"If its not healthy, cut it off."

~ Shalice Trusty

Experience: 30+ years in salon industry

Passion: Healthy Hair

A New Jersey native and highly regarded master stylist, Shalice has built a trend-setting reputation for creating divine styles and growing healthy hair for more than 30 years. As a hair specialist with professional training from Capri Institute of Cosmetology, (3 time graduate of) DCU Dudley Cosmetology, Pivot Point® International, and coloring classes with Redken and Nexxus, Shalice ensures that her skills stay up to date. Clients trust her with their tresses, as she has a proven commitment to hair care.

As a precision cutter, master colorist, barber, braider, weaver, and hair care expert, Shalice loves working with clients who are equally committed to looking good with healthy hair. She understands that no two heads are the same and works with clients to address their unique needs while making sure they leave her chair looking and feeling good.

Shalice's proprietary product line, Divine Oil, built a name for itself as an all-natural moisturizer for all hair and skin types. Its natural ingredients and moisture retention properties sustained scalps through the Global Pandemic, helping clients maintain healthy manes. 

As her skills draw head-turning attention, Shalice's fierce personality and genuine heart keep her faithful following of clients coming back for the divine experience.

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